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Application in E-HR System

As a kind of fast input equipment, cursor reader has been widely used in the data entry work of enrollment examination, investigation and statistics, cadre assessment and gambling in recent years. With the development of social economy and the improvement of scientific and technological level, the application scope of large amount of data statistical analysis has gradually increased. In personnel, the application system based on cursor reader has been developed on a large scale. Application.
For several aspects of human resources work: recruitment, professional quality, psychological evaluation, post quality evaluation, democratic evaluation, employee opinion survey, cadre selection, cursor reader are widely used.
The following is the cursor reader system commonly used in human resources work.
Professional Quality Assessment System
This system is now more popular for recruitment, job testing and other software. Through the evaluation of the psychological quality, adaptability and processing analysis ability of the assessed personnel, a detailed professional quality analysis report is given systematically. This system has become a commonly used recruitment tool, and many candidates also hold professional quality evaluation reports when they apply for jobs.
Examination Marking and Analysis System
Firstly, recruitment: Examination or an effective way to test work ability quickly and accurately. The cursor reader is equipped with basic marking software and data entry software. Both theoretical level test and professional ability can be effectively tested by the reader. The use of the reader can also greatly reduce the workload of the recruitment process. Secondly, in the training process, examination is an effective way and means to check the training effect. Rapid marking analysis can further consolidate the training content.
Job Skills Appraisal System
For units with numerous posts, the key is to set up suitable posts and use appropriate people. The application of post skill appraisal system can systematically analyze the basic skills and quality abilities required by the post personnel, and evaluate whether the post personnel meet the post requirements and the improvement measures.
Democratic Evaluation System
Democracy evaluation system is applied to the occasions of year-end evaluation and cadre promotion in units. In recent years, it has been widely used in various organizational departments. It is a necessary stage for the selection of cadres by public opinion test. In enterprises, employee opinion survey can also be applied to improve department work and promote enterprise development.
The gradual expansion of the application of data entry and acquisition equipment in personnel field is a concentrated reflection of “science and technology is productivity”, and will provide a technical basis for the internationalization level of talent management field.
Typical Application Information Card
Professional Manager’s Special Answer Card
West Point Training Plan Psychological Test Answer Card
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