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Brief Introduction of Information Card

Information card is the general name of all kinds of information input forms designed according to the format required by the design specifications of OMR and ISR (OCR) readers. It is a special form sent to each filler. It requires the filler to fill in according to certain requirements, so that OMR and ICR readers can input in large quantities quickly.
Information Card Design Requirements
In order to meet the requirements of reading data and information, the design of information cards should be based on certain formats and methods, and designers need professional training to design effective information cards. The company’s existing professional designers are engaged in the design of information cards, and have designed hundreds of information cards to meet the requirements for the Ministry of Education, taxation, secondary schools, universities and other units.
OMR Information Card: OMR is a way of identifying paint points. Users’requirements should be easily converted into optional options for designing OMR-style tables. OMR has two systems: 5.00mm and 5.08mm.
ICR Information Card: ICR can recognize handwritten characters directly, and can be designed into 0-9, A, B, C according to users’needs. For some options, it can also be designed as OMR dotting mode. At the same time, it can also directly write Chinese characters in the writing area. In the photo area and bar code reading area, it can design the location of sticking photos and barcodes.
Printing and cutting process requirements for information card
Information cards have high requirements for printing and cutting, so as to get effective information cards and lay a foundation for accurate and fast data entry.
Overprint error: +0.1mm
Overprint error: +0.2mm
The following two sets of sample cards are illustrated

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