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Electronic Archives Production

Candidates’electronic archives refer to the registration form, political, ideological and moral assessment form, physical examination form, volunteer form and other information related to candidates, which are stored in storage media (such as disk, CD, etc.) in the form of database or image. Each candidate forms an electronic information file for admission and use, and no longer uses paper files.
ISR uses the unique multi-light source combination scanning technology to collect the candidates’original information tables at high speed, carry out a series of image processing, and extract some key information in real time for OCR/OMR identification, establish a connection with the original candidates’ database, clearly and accurately reproduce the true appearance of candidates’files, realize network transmission and network browsing, and provide electronic information for online admission. ISR’s unique multi-light source combination scanning technology has realized the application effect of clearer image, more advanced file compression technology and smaller space occupation. The technology is advanced and reliable, and the product performance is excellent, which greatly improves the work efficiency, saves a lot of manpower and material resources, and further improves the social service level and quality of the local recruitment, and achieves good social benefits.
The electronic archives of candidates mainly include:

Registration Information Collection
The ISR scans the candidates’information card at high speed, and keeps the original image of the card clearly and truly. At the same time, the OCR/OMR algorithm of independent intellectual property rights is applied to real-time acquisition.
The OCR algorithm of our company’s independent intellectual property rights achieves 100% recognition rate under the premise of writing norms, and the average recognition rate is over 98%, which completely meets and exceeds the practical application standards.
Volunteer Information Collection
ISR high-speed double-sided scanning candidates’volunteer cards, double-sided real-time identification bar code (admission number), OMR (volunteer information), and the original candidates database connection, thus forming a complete candidates’ volunteer record. The ISR series products of our company adopt the best algorithm that our company has been engaged in the development and accumulation of OMR equipment for 15 years, to ensure that the recognition rate of OMR paint points is higher than that of traditional OMR readers, especially in multi-choice cases. They can dynamically adjust the recognition threshold for filling out differences caused by writing habits and unclean rubbers, so as to truly reflect the candidates’intention to fill in.
Collection of Physical Examination Information
Physical examination is an indispensable link in college entrance examination. In recent years, college admissions pay special attention to the physical health of candidates, and pay more and more attention to physical examination. With the application of online admission, the physical examination form of paper media must be electronic, that is to say, it can be entered into the computer in an appropriate form for remote call.
There are two ways to computerize physical examination forms: first, to input the results of physical examination indices directly into the computer manually or to quantify the information by means of information cards, and then to input the computer after recognition by the reader. Secondly, all the body index information is stored on the physical examination card, and the information of the whole card is collected by the scanner in the form of images and stored in the computer to form an electronic file. At present, most provinces and municipalities adopt the way of image preservation, so that the candidates’physical condition, the detailed opinions of physicians, together with the candidates’ photos and other information can be fully expressed in an image. Especially for the candidates with physical problems, the detailed annotations of doctors can be expressed, which can provide convenient and detailed reference for the future online admission work.
The whole implementation process of physical examination card scanning is divided into the design, printing, scanning and image storage of physical examination card, and finally converts paper information into electronic images. Generally, the single side of A4 can accommodate all kinds of physical examination indicators required by the college entrance examination. The examinee carries out physical examination in the designated hospital. The doctor fills in the physical examination card with the doctor’s signature and affixes the special seal of the hospital. This responsibility is clear and it is convenient to inquire when problems arise.

For example, on the left, there are OMR smear point information, OCR character information and image information to be collected on the physical examination card. The traditional scanning method is to use synthesis method, which filters out the background color of the card, only scans and fills in the information, then sets the bottom image to form a complete image. The synthesis process is as follows:
1. First, red light scanning was used to collect the results of physical examination.
2. Call Blank Card
3. Image synthesis

After secondary synthesis, the quality of the image is relatively poor, and there is an additional link, which increases the probability of errors in photo synthesis, and the verification process is cumbersome, and the medical card is mostly red background, so the special hospital seal that is required to be stamped in ordinary scanning must not be red, but many hospitals simply ignore this problem, using the same red seal, the result is stamped. It’s filtered out. Why not scan the color image directly? There are two reasons: one is that the traditional scanner can’t recognize the paint point information if it scans the color image; the other is that the storage space of the color image scanned by the traditional scanner is too large.
ISR8001 is a good solution to this problem. ISR8001 has good color image processing ability, and has the best image compression algorithm, three-layer light source combination intelligent recognition of OMR/OCR points under the color background, so it can be collected at one time and scanned directly in true color. In 2004, the physical examination card of Yunnan College Entrance Examination was scanned by color scanning, and the result was good: 150,000 physical examination cards were scanned, and the correct rate of OMR coating points was 100%. The storage space of one scanned image was almost the same as that of the synthesized image. One single side of A4, one scanned image occupied 120 K, and the synthesized image occupied 110 K, which solved the bottleneck problem of color image storage. As shown in the following figure:

Ultimately, we hope that the image is clear and occupies less space. Although this requirement seems contradictory, it is not impossible to achieve. With the continuous development of our technology, the electronic medical card will become more and more convenient and fast. The college entrance examination is related to the future fate of every examinee, so every link can not be ignored. We will always serve the candidates with enthusiasm, and serve the modernization of our education.

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