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equipment installation

Hardware installation:
For OMR-1000 and 2000 series readers, the base of the reader is fixed with two fixed scaffolds, and the main body of the reader is inclined backward. Note: Switching the position of two scaffolds can change the inclination of the reader. For the OMR-500 model, because it has a bracket on its back, the bracket can be fully opened when used.
Make sure that both the computer and the reader are powered off.
The random serial data line is used to connect the reader with the standard serial port of the computer.
Connect the power cord of the reader.
Install the paper warehouse.
Special tips: OMR and computer power lines in the ground should be interconnected, and ensure grounding.
DOS environment driver installation steps:
Create a new directory in your computer hard disk, such as WYXOMR C: MD WYXOMR
Copy all files from the random drive disk to the directory C: WYXOMR C: COPY A:*. * C: WYXOMR
Modify the CONFIG.SYS file by adding a sentence: DEVICE = C: WYXOMRWYXOMR.SYS/C1/R57600/S2/D1
WYXOMR.SYS driver must take parameters:
W/C1 computer serial passwords connected to OMR machines have the following choices:
W/C1:COM1, /C2:COM2, /C3:COM3, /C4:COM4
W/R57600 Serial Port Communication Baud Rate, this value can not be changed arbitrarily
W/S1 OMR machine paper speed. / S1 is low speed, / S2 is high speed
W/D1 OMR machine single-sided and double-sided settings. / D1 single-sided reading, / D2 double-sided reading
Installation steps of WINDOWS 95 and WINDOWS 98 environment software:
Running SETUP.EXE on a random floppy disk (or CD-ROM) will automatically install the system. Installation will prompt you to enter the name of the working directory, the default directory is C: OMR95. After installation, all drivers, OMR detection software and reading programs will appear in the installation directory and run directly.
Special Note: The driver program, application software and development interface of the reader are suitable for all our readers.
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