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Evaluation and Analysis System for Party and Government Cadres

Systematic introduction
In order to effectively strengthen the construction of leading groups and cadres, comprehensively and accurately assess and evaluate leading groups and cadres, and develop this system, the current advanced computer technology is used to complete the quantitative assessment of leading cadres, so as to make the assessment of leading cadres more convenient, accurate, scientific and fast by organizational departments.
The “Evaluation and Analysis System for Party and Government Cadres” uses advanced cursor reader to input data, calculates and analyses the data through the system, obtains quantitative and qualitative results, and forms various data analysis tables, curve analysis charts and evaluation and analysis materials for cadres. Thus greatly improve the efficiency and quality of work, so that seemingly complex work can be completed by filling out a form.
The data analysis table includes the different scores of each assessment object and the ranking in the team, the ranking of each sub-item score in the team, the score, sub-item score and ranking of each evaluation subject to the evaluation object, etc. The graph includes five main items of assessment content and 24 sub-item curves, team members’comparison curves and individual comparison curves, and the root of the evaluation material free software system. Data analysis results are generated.
System characteristics
Accurate and rapid operation
Diversified statistical results and comprehensive information
Report Generation and Graphic Display are Easy and Easy to Do
The report form is clear, the graph is intuitive and easy to print.
At the same time, there is a network version, which solves the defect that only a single computer can run.
Using data warehouse storage technology to effectively preserve historical assessment data and form a comparison of the results of previous assessment of leading cadres
Through the comprehensive query system, authorized users can directly query the assessment results on the Internet.
data security
Steps and methods of operation
Initialization settings: including evaluation object (position) settings, cadre basic information settings, evaluation subject settings, evaluation content coding and score comparison table
Data Input and Analysis: Data Acquisition and Data Processing of Cursor Reader Card
Statements and Charts: (Individual/Subject) Comprehensive Analysis Curve Diagram, (Individual/Subject) Score Ranking Table, Voting Situation Analysis, Comprehensive Evaluation and Recommendation
System Output Results
Ranking table of team members’scores
Summary of Individual Comprehensive Assessment and Evaluation
Summary of evaluation of teams by various evaluation subjects
Summary of Surveys of Team Members Other than Working Hours
Contrast Chart of Team Members’Scores in Five Major Events
Individual 5 Major Items Score Contrast Chart
Contrast Chart of Scores of Team Members in Small Items
The curve of the score comparison chart of individual minor items and the material of personal assessment and analysis

Strategic Cooperation