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Guangdong Provincial Education Examination Institute

I. User Situation
The Guangdong Provincial Education Examination Institute, managed by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education, is responsible for the registration, examination and admission of students from all kinds of universities in the whole province, as well as for the application of students from the province for postgraduate studies and secondary vocational schools throughout the country. Guangdong Provincial Educational Examination Institute is one of the earliest examination management institutions in China to introduce online marking technology into the field of college entrance examination. In 2001, Guangdong Provincial Educational Examination Institute began to pilot the two subjects of language and foreign language in the general college entrance examination, and then gradually promoted online marking in large-scale examinations such as adult college entrance examination, self-study examination and class insertion examination. Up to now, online marking has been realized in all kinds of examinations in charge of Guangdong Education Examination. Candidates for all kinds of examinations in Guangdong Province are quite large. In 2006, the number of candidates for the college entrance examination in Guangdong Province exceeded the 500,000 mark for the first time. In 2007, the number of candidates for the college entrance examination reached a record 553,000.
The cooperation between the examination institute and Wuyuexin Company in the online marking project began in the college entrance examination in 2004. Before that, the Guangdong college entrance examination has been using the special high-speed image scanning equipment from abroad. With the continuous improvement of the requirements of the Guangdong Provincial Education Examination Institute for the examination paper scanning and marking and the continuous expansion of the scale of the examinees, the foreign equipment has been in a violent situation in the aspects of image quality, dot recognition, cutting accuracy and so on. The problems are becoming more and more obvious. In 2004, the ISR8001 high-speed image scanner of Wuyuexin Company was first used in the college entrance examination. More than 1.8 million papers were scanned. Leaders at all levels of the examination institute appreciated the working status of ISR8001. The indexes of scanning speed, scanning quality, recognition accuracy and image cutting accuracy made it difficult for foreign equipment to catch up with them. Since then, the examination institute has established multi-directional cooperation with Wuyuexin Company. Since the beginning of 2006, the examination institute has entrusted Wuyuexin Company with the task of scanning all kinds of examination papers independently. In 2006, Wuyuexin Company has scanned nearly 10 million kinds of examination papers in Guangdong.
In the college entrance examination just finished in 2007, the total number of papers to be scanned is more than 5 million A4 double-sided answer cards. Wuyuexin Company has used 16 ISR8001 high-speed scanning readers. After five days and 120 hours of continuous work, it has successfully completed the scanning of all the papers. After examination, no problems were found in the image scanning, cutting quality and objective question marking of a test paper, which was praised by the examination institute and leaders at all levels.
II. Overview of System Functions
Guangdong Provincial Education Examination Institute is characterized by high data concentration, 16 ISR8001 are all concentrated in the same floor scanning field, all servers are concentrated in the central computer room, all data upload and download are transmitted remotely through the computer network, this mode makes the whole system and network more manageable and easy to maintain.
Firstly, the answer cards of all subjects flexibly define the recognition area of paint points, image cutting area, barcode recognition area, character recognition area and so on under the image mode. The basic data (admission number, name, examination room information) of candidates are pre-loaded into the system. Then, the system scans the roll-call card of the examination room, automatically retrieves the corresponding information of the whole examination room according to the roll-call card and displays it on the computer screen. At the same time, the information of absence of examination and violation of discipline in the roll-call card is transmitted to the database server SUN6900 through the network. Then scan the answer card, ISR8001 will recognize the bar code, paint points and compress the cut image in real time. The image will be uploaded to the disk array of the computer room through the network. Bar code, paint points and information will be transmitted to the database server SUN6900. ISR8001 will automatically sort the question card into the wrong paper warehouse, and the examiners will sort it out according to the type of error (answer card damage, bar). Code missing) scanned after corresponding processing. ISR8001 will self-monitor the working state during the scanning process. If the scanning state is not normal, ISR8001 will automatically alarm. The whole process of recognition, image compression and data transmission is automatically completed without manual intervention.

III. System Structure

IV. Project Development Tools and Related Environment Description
Database server: sun6900/sun3800
Application/WEB Server: 2CPU, 4G RAM, 6 sets
Storage Device: Fiber Channel Disk Array
Network bandwidth: 1G
Server Operating System: SUN Solaris
Database: ORACLE 10G
Scanning Equipment: ISR8001 High Speed Image Scanning Reader, 16
Client (Scanning Machine): CPU P IV 2.8G, memory 256M, hard disk 80G, operating system XP Service Pack 4
V. Effectiveness Evaluation
Since 2001, Guangdong Provincial Education Examination Institute has started the “online marking” project, and has used the products of the United States, Britain and Wuyuexin Company respectively. Due to the large number of candidates in Guangdong Province and the use of the real remote marking model, the use of evaluation has attracted considerable attention from the relevant provincial education departments.
Since 2004, the ISR8001 of Wuyuexin Company has been used by the examination institute. The annual acceptance report fully affirms the technology of ISR8001 in scanning speed, image processing and barcode/OMR recognition. Up to now, ISR8001 has scanned nearly 20 million answers to various examinations in Guangdong Province, without any errors. The excellent performance of ISR8001 prompted the leaders of the examination institute to increase the use of ISR8001 and eventually replaced all foreign equipment.
Facts have proved that Wuyuexin has not disappointed users, and has successfully completed various projects in cooperation with the examination institute in recent years, which has been highly praised by the leaders of the Education Department and the examination institute. Especially, after comparing the performance of the imported and domestic scanning equipment, the staff who actually participated in the scanning work praised the excellent performance of the domestic ISR8001. Nowadays, Guangdong Provincial Education Examination Institute has reached a long-term cooperation agreement with Wuyuexin Company. In the next five years, all online examination paper scanning business will be completed by Wuyuexin Company.

Strategic Cooperation