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Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Enrollment Examination Institute

I. Users and Project Information
Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Enrollment Examination Institute (Guangxi Enrollment Examination Institute) is a provincial-level educational examination institution. It is the largest and most authoritative administrative and service institution for educational examination, enrollment and proposition work in Guangxi.
As the first examination management institution in China to introduce online marking technology into the field of college entrance examination, Guangxi Enrollment Examination Institute has used special high-speed image scanning equipment of many companies at home and abroad, including NCS equipment of the United States, DRS equipment of the United Kingdom and ISR8001 of Wuyuexin Company. Since ISR8001 was used in 2004, Guangxi Enrollment Examination Institute has fully affirmed its excellent mechanical performance and image scanning quality. Especially after comparing the performance of two kinds of scanning equipment imported and made in China, it has been praising the excellent performance of ISR8001 made in China and has maintained cooperative relations with Wuyuexin Company for several consecutive years. In the Guangxi College Entrance Examination just finished in 2007, four ISR8001 of Wuyuexin Company scanned nearly 1.6 million papers, all of which were scanned without any errors, and the accuracy rate of spot recognition of objective questions was 100%.
II. Technical Summary of Project Implementation
The examination paper scanning of Guangxi College Entrance Examination Project is concentrated on the same floor of the examination center. There are four servers for scanning. Three servers are used to store scanned images and one server is used as a database server.
When scanning, the basic data of the candidates are imported into the database. According to the requirements of information card and online marking, the information points, barcodes and image cutting on the information card are defined in turn. Then it scans in the examination room, and uses four ISR8001 high-speed intelligent scanners to work together. At the same time, the scanned images are stored in the scanned image server. OMR information and some basic information are stored in the database system of the database server.
In order to ensure the accuracy of OMR recognition, on the basis of the first hardware identification of OMR coating points, the second identification verification of software is also carried out. Secondary comparison of software recognition based on image effectively solves the problem of irregular filling point recognition.

III. System Structure

4. Software and hardware environment for project implementation/development
Database Server: HP Server
Image Server: DELL Server
Server Operating System: Database and Image Storage Operating System Windows 2003.
Database: SQL Server 2000
Storage devices: small workstations
Network Bandwidth: Scanning Network 100 Megabytes
Scanning Equipment: ISR8001 High Speed Intelligent Scanner 4
Client (Scanning Machine): CPU P IV 2.8G, memory 256M, hard disk 40G, operating system Windows 2000
V. Effectiveness Evaluation
Guangxi Enrollment Examination Institute has been cooperating with Wuyuexin Company since 2003. Every year, it gives a high evaluation of the stability and reliability of ISR8001 of Wuyuexin Company, and gives full affirmation to the scanning speed, image processing and barcode/OMR recognition technology. Starting from 2004 physical examination card scanning and 2005 college entrance examination paper scanning using ISR8001, the annual physical examination card scanning and college entrance examination paper scanning tasks are handed over to Wuyuexin Company to complete. So far, nearly 10 million examinees’answers have been scanned for various examinations in Guangxi Province, without any errors. Especially in the 2007 college entrance examination just finished, 1.6 million papers did not find any problems in image scanning, cutting quality and objective question marking. It once again demonstrated Wuyuexin’s superb technical strength and first-class service quality.

Strategic Cooperation