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Hainan Provincial Examination Bureau

I. Users and Project Information
Hainan Provincial Examination Bureau is subordinate to Hainan Provincial Education Department, responsible for the management and organization of the implementation of Hainan Province’s enrollment and examination work. Since 2001, Hainan Provincial Examination Bureau has cooperated with Wuyuexin Company to purchase more than 30 cursor readers, which are widely used in the objective examination paper evaluation of various large-scale examinations. With the continuous improvement of the requirements for the examination paper scanning and marking and the continuous expansion of the scale of the candidates, in May 2007, after careful investigation by many comparisons, the Hainan Provincial Examination Bureau carefully selected the ISR8001 high-speed scanning reader of Wuyuexin Company as the scanning input equipment for the first time in Hainan College Entrance Examination in 2007. At the same time, it chose the online marking software of Wuyuexin Company. The system carries out online marking of college entrance examination general subjects. In 2007, Hainan College Entrance Examination used three ISR8001 three days to scan 240,000 papers. 430 teachers participated in the online evaluation. It lasted seven days. All the examinees’results were accurate and were highly praised by the leadership of Hainan Province, the leadership of the Department of Education and the heads of the recruitment offices of the districts and counties visited.
II. Technical Summary of Project Implementation
The examination paper scanning and online marking of Hainan College Entrance Examination project are distributed on the fifth and sixth layers of Hainan Normal University Library. There are seven servers for scanning and marking, and about 550 client machines. Among them, one of the seven servers is used to scan image backup, and the other six servers are used to read papers. The marking servers are divided into two groups, one for the five-tier marking site and the other for the six-tier marking site. Each group of three servers is an image server, a database server and an application/WEB server.
When scanning, three ISR8001 high-speed intelligent scanners are enabled to work together. While scanning, the images are saved to the scanned image backup server and the corresponding marking image server respectively. The scanned image backup server also stores the full picture, which is convenient for finding problems in the scanning process. After identifying and grading OMR paint points, in order to ensure accuracy, all objective test papers with zero marks were selected.
According to the needs of Hainan College Entrance Examination Bureau, the online evaluation of Hainan College Entrance Examination adopts a slightly changed 2+1 model. If the difference between the scores of the first and second evaluation is within the error threshold, the average score of the first and second evaluation will be divided into the final result; if the difference between the scores of the first and second evaluation exceeds the error threshold, the paper will be transferred to the team leader, who will score the paper again without seeing the result of the first and second evaluation, if the team leader’s score and the first and second evaluation. If the difference of the evaluation exceeds the error threshold, it will be referred to the expert group for final evaluation; on the contrary, the average of the group leader and the nearest score of the first or second evaluation will be taken as the final result. In addition, compared with other provinces, Hainan College Entrance Examination Bureau has set up the role of quality inspector to supervise the evaluation of teachers in real time in the process of marking papers. If there are errors or omissions in the evaluation of papers, it will submit them to the expert group for final evaluation.

III. System Structure

4. Software and hardware environment for project implementation/development
Database Server: DELL Server, 2
Application/WEB Server: Dell Server, 2
Storage Device: Server Hard Disk
Network Bandwidth: Gigabit
Server Operating System: Dell Server, Operating System Windows 2003 Server 2
Database: Oracle, SQL Server
Scanning Equipment: ISR8001 High Speed Intelligent Scanner
Client (Scanning Machine): Dell Brand Computer, 6 Windows XP Operating System
V. Effectiveness Evaluation
The Hainan Provincial Examination Bureau first launched the online evaluation project in the 2007 College Entrance Examination. Compared with the British equipment used before, Wuyuexin’s ISR8001 has high-speed industrial operation, high-accuracy OMR recognition, and image quality that fully meets the requirements of online reading. It has left a deep impression on the on-site evaluation teachers and leaders at all levels who come to inspect it.
In the process of online marking, the features of easy operation and easy use of the online marking software of Wuyuexin Company have been unanimously welcomed and recognized by the on-site marking teachers. After the on-site training of Wuyuexin engineers, the marking teachers can easily grasp the operating essentials, making the online marking very smooth and complete as expected. Subsequently, the subjective and objective tests, the final score spot checks, and the scores of the candidates after the provincial results were published did not find any errors, marking a successful end to the Hainan College Entrance Examination project, but also launched the first shot of the Hainan College Entrance Examination. In the final acceptance report of Hainan Examination Bureau, they fully affirmed and highly appraised the scanning and online marking system of Wuyuexin Company based on the personal experience and use experience of a new customer.

Strategic Cooperation