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Heilongjiang Enrollment and Examination Committee Office

I. Users and Project Information
The Office of Heilongjiang Enrollment and Examination Committee is a permanent office of Heilongjiang Higher Education Enrollment Committee and Heilongjiang Higher Education Self-taught Examination Committee, and is a sub-office-level institution directly under the Heilongjiang Education Department with administrative functions. In 2004, online marking technology was introduced into the computer grade examination for the first time. In 2004, online marking was implemented in all subjects of the adult college entrance examination. Based on the use confidence of Wuyuexin’s products and the good results achieved, the online marking software system of Wuyuexin and ISR8001 high-speed image scanner have been widely used in self-taught examinations, computer grade examinations and adult college entrance examinations since 2004. At present, the unit has purchased two ISR8001 high-speed image scanners of Wuyuexin’s company. 。
In the self-taught examination conducted in April 2007, Wuyuexin Company successfully implemented online marking of 17 subjects, using two ISR8001 high-speed scanners. After one day, it successfully completed the scanning of all the papers, and the parallel online marking work was quite smooth, which won the unanimous praise of the teachers on-site marking papers. At present, Heilongjiang Entrance Examination Office has reached an agreement with Wuyuexin Company. In November 2007, the task of online marking of more than 400 subjects for self-taught examination will be handed over to Wuyuexin Company.
II. Technical Summary of Project Implementation
According to the characteristics of self-taught examination in Heilongjiang Province, there are many subjects in the examination, so it is impossible to design corresponding answer cards for each course. Therefore, the most suitable way is to use universal answer cards. In the design of the answer card, the bar code of each answer card adds the section code information besides the admission number information, so as to distinguish different sections. At the same time, dotted lines are used to standardize the size of the examinee’s font in the subjective test answer area, which basically ensures the relative position of the test questions and provides convenience for marking papers.
Heilongjiang Self-taught Examination Scanning and Network Evaluation are carried out separately. Scanning data is centralized in the recruitment management, and network evaluation is conducted in Harbin Normal University. After all the scans are completed, the scanned data are transmitted to the marking points through mobile storage media at one time.
In the process of scanning, we use the data extraction mode of examination room, that is, extracting all the information of examinees in the current examination room through the information of examination number of the first information card, making real-time judgment on the identification data and image data of each examinee in the current examination room during the scanning process, and automatically saving the data after the examination room has been scanned by the examinee information card.
On-line marking assigns the marking units of the course according to the distribution of different course types, and sets the marking parameters and errors of each course in the marking system. According to the characteristics of the universal card, each marker fixes the unit of examination questions evaluated, but it can also see the situation of all the answers of the examinees. Each marker only sends the answers of the unit of examination papers evaluated, thus avoiding the occurrence of the phenomenon of stringing.
For online marking, software training and examination paper evaluation are very important. In the implementation of this project, in view of the characteristics of self-taught examination, we emphasize the design background and characteristics of the answer cartoon card, and clarify the authority of the group leader, group leader and marker, explain and demonstrate in detail the use of the marking software, increase the evaluation of the test, so that the total amount of the examination can reach. 5% of the total. Through the above work, the marking teachers enter the state quickly, and have a good grasp of the use of software.
The implementation of online evaluation adopts the most common 2+1 marking mode, that is, each question is scored by two general markers who do not know each other’s results, and two independent marking results are obtained. The background marking system compares the above two results. If the two results are within the error, the average of the two results is taken as the topic. On the contrary, if the two results exceed the error, the question will be reviewed again by the reviewer with the authority of the group leader, and the result will be regarded as the final result.

III. System Structure

4. Software and hardware environment for project implementation/development
Scanning database server: DELL6600 server
Scanning Image Storage Server: Dell 6600 Server
Scanning Network Bandwidth: 100 Megabytes
Web Comment Database Server: Dell 4600 Server, Operating System Windows 2000 Server
Web Comment Application Server: Dell 4600 Server, Operating System Windows 2000 Server
Web Comment Image Server: Dell 4600 Server, Operating System Windows 2000 Server
Database: Oracle 9I
Scanning Equipment: ISR8001 High Speed Intelligent Scanner
Score Client: Lenovo Computer, Windows 2000 Operating System
V. Effectiveness Evaluation
The Heilongjiang Enrollment and Examination Commission Office has selected the ISR8001 high-speed image scanner and online marking software system of Wuyuexin Company after a multi-dimensional market survey in the early stage. At present, it has cooperated for three years.
Through the extensive application of various kinds of examinations and the test of super-intensity actual combat, the recruitment office fully affirmed the stable product performance and fast and smooth system response speed of Wuyuexin Company, especially the appreciation of the network evaluation software. It was believed that the network evaluation software of Wuyuexin Company was easy to use and highly operable, and the workstation computer of the marking teacher did not need to install any client software. We need to know how to do online marking work, simple and practical interface, teacher’s marking efficiency is very high; high security, strong stability, the system will not appear due to data blockage and lead to crash; unique marking interface directly labeled marking mode, which is a major breakthrough in marking software, markers to the evaluation of papers, can be given arbitrarily in the answer area; It has abundant functions and strong pertinence, and can meet the requirements of various examination management modes. It has low configuration and strong economy, and can save more than 30% of the input of servers and network equipment.
Heilongjiang Recruitment and Examination Office, while recognizing the hardware and software products of Wuyuexin Company, also praised the engineers of Wuyuexin who served on the spot. It believed that the good service attitude and quality of service of Wuyuexin technicians were indispensable to the success of the project cooperation, and expressed the desire to continue cooperation in the future.

Strategic Cooperation