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How to Choose Phone Voice Card Products

Step 1: Firstly, the software and hardware environment and the direction of use of the voice card are defined. Then, it is decided whether to use the analog telephone voice card (see step 2) or the digital relay voice card or other voice card (see step 3). For concepts and noun explanations, please browse the following noun explanations in step 5.
Step 2: Analog Voice Card Selection Guide
How to choose the appropriate model of analog card and how to choose the appropriate module: (analog telephone voice board is divided into three series of “V”, “I”, “U”)
V series voice card is a series of voice cards launched by our company in the early stage. According to the voice line, it can be divided into TW8VIDF, TW4VIDF and TW2VDF. This card can accurately receive DTMF and FSK calls, while the card itself with a DSP processor as CPU, can very accurately identify the signal sound, stable and reliable performance. It has all the functions of V series voice cards, and improves the recognition of signal tone. It adds the means of frequency detection, which is effective for the recognition of signal tone with non-standard frequency. This type of voice card is suitable for the system that needs calling number recognition and has high performance/price ratio.
Series I voice cards, which we call “intelligent” series voice cards, are a series of voice cards improved on the basis of “V” series. With high performance DSP, they retain all functions of “V” series voice cards, and add accurate signal sound detection in parallel. While increasing capacity, the card loads fax and conference functions. According to the realized voice line, it can be divided into: TWI-16P/8P
U Series Voice Card is based on “I” Series. It combines USB technology with Voice Card technology. It is designed externally and does not occupy the interrupt resources of the host. It is plug and play. Fax and conference functions are also installed. The combination of USB technology and voice technology is the first in China.
*** Note: The call number recognition function is only applicable to the status of sending out the call number on analog telephone lines ***
External module is mainly used in automatic inquiry, reminder, notification, automatic paging, automatic voice and other systems without manual participation; internal module is mainly used to achieve the functions of artificial reception and seats; wiring, voice control module and playback module are mainly used in the fields of recording and listening; recording module and playback module can realize voice input and output of non-telephone equipment.
Step 3: Digital Card Selection Guide
Firstly, it is clear what signaling mode is used to transmit the access digital relay, signaling No. 1 or signaling No. 7?
For other transmission modes, please contact us directly. We will give you specific solutions according to your specific situation.
Then it is clear whether the access impedance is 75_or 120_.
Digital Relay Voice Card is also divided into “V”, “I” and “U” three series.
You can contact us on the Internet or by telephone.
Step 4: Compare with the same type of voice card.

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