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Information Card Common Sense

Common knowledge of information card custody and use:
Because of the strong hydrophilicity of paper fibers and the large shrinkage when the temperature changes sharply, the most important thing to keep the information card is to prevent moisture and temperature changes sharply. Keep it in a cool and dry place, not by the heating and stove in winter. Information cards that are waterlogged or rainlogged will be distorted and will not be used.
Information cards, each 500 or 1000 sheets are wrapped in kraft paper. And put them in cartons with moisture-proof plastic bags. How much to use and how much to take out. Cards that are not used for the time being should also be put back into plastic bags to protect them.
When the information card is used, the optimum temperature range is 20 ~30 C, and the relative humidity range is 40%~60%.
Minimize the time that information cards flow outside, especially in areas that are too wet and too dry.
When the information card stays in excessive humidity (relative humidity > 80%) for too long, the information card will expand due to moisture absorption, and at the same time, the stiffness and smoothness of the card will decrease. The stacks of cards are placed in too wet places, because the edges of information cards are easier to absorb moisture and expand than the center, which will produce lotus leaf edges. All these phenomena will make it difficult to pass.
When the information card stays too long in the over-drying place, it will shrink due to water loss, and it is easy to generate static electricity, which makes it difficult to separate the paper when the card is in transit. In this environment, the edge of the card shrinks due to the loss of water, which will produce the phenomenon of tight edge, and also make it difficult to pass through the machine.
In both cases, it is better to put the card in standard temperature and humidity for several hours before reading it on the machine. The card that has generated static electricity should be rubbed manually before passing the machine.
Whether the information card can pass the machine or not has a certain relationship with the state of OMR. According to the requirements of the OMR specification, the spacing of forward and reverse wheels and other components should be adjusted properly, and the excessive use of paper rubbing rubber wheel and belt should be replaced. If necessary, the reader can be fully maintained. In short, the machine should be in the best working condition.
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