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ISR2000 High Speed Image Scanning Reader

Detailed description
Small size, low price, multi-function and excellent performance
ISR2000 Intelligent Image Scanning Reader uses high-speed parallel image scanning and real-time processing technology, which integrates image scanning, optical marking recognition, bar code recognition, image segmentation and merging functions to achieve high-speed data acquisition and processing. Its excellent performance can meet the application requirements of different users, high efficiency, high quality scanning image, suitable for data entry and processing of various scales.
An overview of the main features
ISR2000 Intelligent Image Scanning Reader, which introduces the functions of color and gray images into the field of perfect OMR optical marker reading function, is a multi-functional information acquisition device that can truly recognize OMR, OCR, BAR information and cut and save images in real time. ISR2000 reader is a new generation of ISR products developed on the basis of retaining the excellent quality and powerful functions of the original high-end ISR products. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight and simple operation, while ensuring its wide application and development space.
Single-sided or double-sided image scanning, support high-speed color scanning, can choose red, green, blue, white background color, can also carry out R, G, B three primary color work at the same time color scanning.
Wide to A4 information cards can be scanned on both sides at the same time, with a speed of up to 1 sheet per second, which creates a new intelligent, efficient and accurate experience for users.
Completely compatible with all scanning and reading software of traditional OMR, and working in traditional OMR mode, the speed can be increased to 2 sheets per second (16K).
Users can define clipping areas according to application requirements (including whole page, multi-area, region intersection, and automatic splicing).
Users can set up to automatically save images or clipping areas as JPG, BMP, TIFF format files (save to the network, or control the host hard disk).
Gray-level images can be selected at 2,16,256 levels.
256-level gray level recognition ensures the accuracy of OMR dot recognition under multiple selection conditions, and the bit error rate is much lower than one millionth of the requirement.
Users can format information cards in special density formats according to their needs (maximum reading width is not more than 297 mm).
Handwritten characters of 0-9 and some English letters can be recognized, and the recognition rate is at the advanced level in China.
Bar code recognition. Bar code can be placed horizontally or vertically.
Adjustable blocker to assist double-sheet separation (reducing double-sheet feeding).
Reliable double-sheet detector to prevent double-sheet feeding.
Printing components (optional) support high-speed reading while printing user-defined content.
Sorting function (optional) supports automatic screening of unqualified information cards to unqualified paper bins at the same time of high-speed scanning.
Major technical indicators
Optional resolution: 100 DPI 200 DPI
Scanning Media: Pictures, Documents
Scanning range up to A4
Scanning speed 100 dpi: A4 can scan and save 256 gray-scale image information at the same time at a speed of 1/second, while in the case of true color scanning, A4 can scan and save true color image at the same time at a speed of 0.5/second.
The paper bin can hold 500 information cards in input bin, 500 information cards in output bin (eligible-application software selection), and 50 information cards in sorting bin (unqualified-application software selection).
The double-sheet tester of the retension rate is used to prevent misreading of the double-sheet. 100% retension test, the retension rate is less than one in ten thousand.
Light source performance LED (red, green, blue, white)
Color digit 24 bit
Transport Interface USB2.0 Interface
Reading machine size 380mm*520mm*165mm
The reader weighs 10 kg
Working environment temperature: 10-30 degrees humidity: 20-80% (without condensation)
Power consumption: 100W power supply: 220V/50Hz
Microsoft Windows 2000/XP
“ISR2000 Intelligent Image Scanning Reader” can be widely used in various types of small and medium-sized entrance examination candidates information collection and online examination papers review, large-scale survey and statistics questionnaire data collection, election ballot automatic statistics, bank, insurance, industry and commerce, taxation and other government departments of all kinds of bills, statements, archives electronic archives and so on.

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