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ISR2050A Intelligent High Speed Image Scanning Reader

Product Brief
ISR2050A can read OMR, OCR and BAR information on information card at the same time of high-speed scanning image, which has the characteristics of fast scanning speed, high recognition accuracy, good image quality and high work efficiency; ISR2050A has strong paper adaptability, and can scan all kinds of paper weighing 60-150 g; ISR2050 provides the function of defining cutting area according to application requirements, which is convenient for customers to have. Selectively classifies and stores information on paper; it is a specialized equipment based on image acquisition data application, such as online marking, electronic archives, survey and statistics.
application area
ISR2050A Intelligent High Speed Image Scanning Reader is widely used in small and medium-sized entrance examination candidates information collection and online examination papers, survey and statistics questionnaire data collection, votes automatic statistics in elections, and electronic archiving of all kinds of bills, statements and files of government departments such as banks, insurance, industry and commerce, taxation, etc.
Using advantages
As a high-speed scanning device for super-miniature A3 size information card, ISR2050A has the characteristics of fault-free and uninterrupted scanning of various types of files; advanced image technology and various automation functions, as well as the enhancement of paper adaptability, enable you to scan files faster and more reliably than before; capture, create and manage you through ISR2050A embedded software applications Image information, high-speed, high-quality color double-sided scanning, make your work easier. In addition, the scanner can work continuously for 7*24 hours, which greatly improves the scanning efficiency.

Product parameters

Paper storage capacity
Paper feeding bin 1, capacity 300 sheets (80g paper)
Output bin 1, capacity 300 sheets (80g paper)
Adapted paper
Paper types: 35g-200g
Paper width 130mm *150mm~300mm *2000mm
Image characteristics
Resolution: 100DPI, 133D PI, 150DPI, 200DPI, 300DPI, 400DPI, 500DPI, 600DPI
Image Accuracy 256 Level (8 Bit) Gray Level
24 true colors
Light Sources R, G, B, Infrared Four-colour Light Sources and Their Combination Light Sources (Base colour can be filtered according to the characteristics of information card)
Maximum shear zone number 256
Image storage formats: PNG, JPG, BMP, TIFF
Image Storage: Networked Storage
Image Processing Supports Image Encryption Algorithms
The image compression rate is over 50%.
Software Automatic Deviation Correction Function
Supporting image rotation of 90, 180, 90 and 180 degrees clockwise
Image Naming: Arbitrary, Generally Named with Keyword Information
Recognition function
OMR can be formatted according to user’s needs to read OMR information cards in special density format
OMR Information Standard for Paint Point Recognition is fully compatible with previous traditional OMR
16-level gray level recognition to ensure the accuracy of OMR point recognition under multiple selection conditions
When the background color is filtered out, the accuracy of standard filling is 100%, and the error rate of non-standard filling is far less than one millionth of that of human eye.
When scanning black and white cards or not filtering the background color, the bit error rate is far less than one in 100,000.
BAR supports 128 codes, 39 codes, 25 codes, etc.
Horizontal and vertical placement
Up to 64 barcodes per page
Bar code recognition rate is 100%.
OCR 0-9 Offline Recognition Processing Handwritten Numbers Recognition Rate is in the Advanced Level in China

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