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ISR5000 High Speed Image Scanning Reader

Product Brief
ISR5000 High Speed Image Scanning Multifunctional Reader can recognize OMR, OCR and BAR information in real time while scanning image in high speed. It introduces gray and true color image function into the field of perfect OMR/OCR optical marker/character reading function. In order to facilitate customers to selectively store information on paper, ISR5000 provides the function of defining clipping area according to application requirements (1~1). 128 images/pages, including the whole page, have the characteristics of fast speed, high recognition accuracy and good image quality. They are specialized equipment for data acquisition based on large-scale image acquisition data applications such as online marking and archives electronization.

Technical Advantages of ISR5000
Image clarity
Image resolution 100/133/200 DPI
Gray output color depth 8 bits (256 level)
Color output color depth 24 bits
Two sides can be scanned by one or more combined light sources in red, blue, green and infrared.
For ballpoint pen, pencil, pen, signature pen, ink color can be clearly reproduced
Identification accuracy
OMR recognition rate is higher than traditional cursor reader (density format is variable)
Bar code recognition rate is 100% (horizontal or vertical placement can be)
The recognition rate of OCR is over 95%.
Limit speed
10800 sheets per hour (A4 double-sided)
Supporting one-sided or two-sided scanning
The tension detection sensor prevents the tension, and the intelligent adjustable blocker prevents the tension.
Large throughput
400 input and 400 output bins
One Output Paper Bunker for 100 Papers (Unqualified – Application Selection)
real-time processing
Real-time recognition and processing of barcode and OMR handwritten characters (OCR) to support real-time printing
Up to 256 images can be cut on any side in real time
Real-time image quality detection (such as image contamination, image skewness, etc.)
high reliability
Antivirus Infection of Embedded XP Operating System
Network Output-Input Interface for Easy Control and Data Management
Strong anti-jamming ability, strong reliability
24-hour continuous work
environmental factor
Operating temperature – 15 ~ 40 C
Operating humidity 10%~76% RH
Main Technical Indicators
The internal control computer adopts WINDOWS XP embedded operating system. At the same time, its high-performance configuration ensures the high speed of data processing. Solidified electronic hard disk ensures system stability and protection from virus infection.
An input paper bin that can hold 400 information cards.
An output paper bin that can hold 400 information cards. (Qualification – Application Selection)
An optional paper bin with 100 information cards. (Unqualified – Application Selection)
Contact image scanning sensor with red, green, blue and infrared light sources on both sides.
An intelligently adjustable blocker is used to assist in the separation of double sheets. (Reduced double feed)
A double-sheet tester to prevent misreading of double sheets.
Paper-moving control (motor and wheel) – Qualified information cards are sent to qualified output bins, and unqualified information cards are sent to unqualified ones.
Qualified output paper bin.
An optional real-time printing unit for annotation printing before the information card is sent to the paper bin.
Two start/stop buttons to control the online and offline processing of scanners and various error situations.
An LCD display for operating feedback and displaying status information.
Two standard 1000M Ethernet interfaces are used to connect network applications and control hosts.
OMR, ICR, BAR Recognition Function
The user can set the machine to read OMR in 40 columns format of European standard and 47 columns format of American standard, or format information cards in special density format according to the user’s needs. (Maximum reading width not exceeding 297 mm)
The information standard of OMR dot recognition is fully compatible with the traditional OMR.
16-level gray level recognition ensures that OMR dot recognition is correct under multiple selection conditions, and the bit error rate is much lower than one millionth of the requirement.
The cutting error required for OMR dot recognition is much lower than that required for traditional OMR equipment.
Handwritten characters of 0-9 and some English letters can be recognized, and the recognition rate is at the advanced level in China.
Bar code recognition (only 128 codes), barcode can be placed horizontally or vertically.
Image function
Single-sided or double-sided image scanning-software can choose red light, green light, blue light and infrared light sources for scanning, also can carry out R, G, B three primary colors working at the same time color scanning; more prominently, it can provide double-layer simultaneous scanning function, that is, it can choose any combination of the above-mentioned light sources for scanning at the same time.
Optical resolution of image, software can choose 100 dpi, 133 dpi, 200 dpi, up to 400 dpi resolution
By setting threshold, 256-level images are converted into black-and-white binary images.
Customers can define clipping areas according to application requirements. (No more than 128 pages per page)
The user can automatically save the clipped area image as JPG and BMP format output. (Save to any designated storage device on the network)
Gray scale images have 2,16,256 levels.
Velocity characteristics
If the host or network system has enough speed to receive data from the reader and the application can process the current data within a specified time, the reader can achieve maximum speed. Conversely, if OMR, barcode, and image data need to be transmitted to the application program for processing, then it is determined that the information card will be sent to the paper bin, and this process will be slightly slower than the specified time (example, 1 second).
Generally speaking, ISR5000 scans at 100 dpi resolution in conventional applications. If it is scanned by monochrome filtering, the speed of double-sided scanning and preserving 256-level gray-scale image information of A4 plane information card can reach 3/seconds, while in true color scanning, the speed of double-sided scanning and preserving true color image of A4 plane information card can reach 2/seconds.
Printing information provided by user programs on each information card requires speeding up various applications

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