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ISR6050A Intelligent High Speed Image Scanning Reader

Product Brief
ISR6050A Xine evaluation system integrates high-speed intelligent scanner, cursor reader, Xine evaluation system and other functions into a professional test application product, which can meet the needs of various campus and district-county level examinations. This equipment can completely replace the previous high-speed scanner, OMR equipment and software, marking software, PC server and so on.
application area
ISR6050A can provide high-speed and reliable image scanning, student registration management, examination card making, online marking, Score statistical analysis and other functions. It is especially suitable for online marking items and scanning requirements of campus-level and medium-scale examinations (such as city-level, district-level simulation examinations, school-level cascade examinations, etc.).
Using advantages
As an integrated computer of online evaluation, it provides a simple and convenient operation interface, which can make the examination organization, the production of answering cards, the scanning of answering cards, the online marking and the statistical analysis of scores very easy, and greatly promote the evaluation of school teaching quality. Easy to use and maintain, ISR6050A pre-factory built-in operating system and network evaluation software, system and application software field installation-free, and support a key recovery function.

Specification parameter
Paper storage capacity
Paper feeding bin 1, capacity 300 sheets (80g paper)
Output bin 1, capacity 300 sheets (80g paper)
Adapted paper
Paper types: 35g-200g
Paper width 130mm *150mm~300mm *2000mm
Image characteristics
Resolution: 100DPI, 133D PI, 150DPI, 200DPI, 300DPI, 400DPI, 500DPI, 600DPI
Image Accuracy 256 Level (8 Bit) Gray Level
24 true colors
Light Sources R, G, B, Infrared Four-color Light Sources and Their Combination Light Sources
Maximum shear zone number 256
Image storage formats: PNG, JPG, BMP, TIFF
Image Storage: Networked Storage
Image Processing Supports Image Encryption Algorithms
The image compression rate is over 50%.
Software Automatic Deviation Correction Function
Supporting image rotation of 90, 180, 90 and 180 degrees clockwise
Image Naming: Arbitrary, Generally Named with Keyword Information
Recognition function
OMR can be formatted according to user’s needs to read OMR information cards in special density format
OMR Information Standard for Paint Point Recognition is fully compatible with previous traditional OMR
16-level gray level recognition to ensure the accuracy of OMR point recognition under multiple selection conditions
When the background color is filtered out, the accuracy of standard filling is 100%, and the error rate of non-standard filling is far less than one millionth of that of human eye.
When scanning black and white cards or not filtering the background color, the bit error rate is far less than one in 100,000.
BAR supports 128 codes, 39 codes, 25 codes, etc.
Horizontal and vertical placement
Up to 64 barcodes per page
Bar code recognition rate is 100%.
OCR 0-9 Handwritten Number Recognition Rate is in the Advanced Level in China

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