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ISR8050 Intelligent High Speed Image Scanning Reader

Product Brief
ISR8050 is the flagship product of the third generation ISR series intelligent high-speed image scanner reader of Wuyuexin Company. Its unique optimized paper wheel system guarantees smooth running of paper and can realize high-speed and high-capacity document scanning. ISR8050 has powerful real-time processing ability and perfect automatic switching function of paper bin. It can effectively shorten the time of exception handling with intelligent scanning process control, which is nearly twice as efficient as the second generation ISR scanning equipment. ISR8050 provides more efficient scanning speed, more accurate image quality, richer paper adaptability, and more reliable scanning performance. It is an ideal choice for large-scale and high-quality image acquisition projects.
application area
ISR8050 Intelligent High Speed Image Scanning Reader is mainly used in the field of large-scale data processing in the examination category. It mainly plays a role in the data acquisition projects such as the registration form of the college entrance examination, the entrance examination, the self-taught examination, the high school entrance examination, the personnel examination and other large-scale qualifications, as well as the online marking of papers. It also has a wide range of applications in various archives and forms, large-scale data processing services.
Using advantages
ISR8050, a high-speed, A3, color, double-sided, production-type scanning equipment, can achieve high-speed and high-capacity scanning, reaching a new speed level. ISR8050 has humanized design, abundant paper adaptability, super working ability, reliable durability, a variety of selected hardware and software, can meet the user’s most busy working environment of reliable, high-speed, high-quality scanning needs.

Product parameters

Paper storage capacity
Paper Feeding Bunker A Channel Paper Feeding Bunker Capacity 500 sheets (80g paper)
B Channel Paper Storage Capacity 300 sheets (80g paper)
Paper outlet bin A channel capacity 500 sheets (80g paper)
Output bin capacity of channel B 300 sheets (80g paper)
Sorting out Paper Storehouse Capacity 150 sheets (80g paper)
Adapted paper
Paper type 60g-150g
Paper width 130mm *150mm~300mm *2000mm
Image characteristics
Resolution: 100DPI, 133D PI, 150DPI, 200DPI, 300DPI, 400DPI
Image Accuracy 256 Level (8 Bit) Gray Level
24 true colors
Light Sources R, G, B, Infrared Four-colour Light Sources and Their Combination Light Sources (Base colour can be filtered according to the characteristics of information card)
Maximum shear zone number 256
Image storage formats JPG, BMP, TIFF
Image Storage: Networked Storage
Image Processing Supports Image Encryption Algorithms
The image compression rate is as high as 50%.
Software Automatic Deviation Correction Function
Supporting image rotation of 90, 180, 90 and 180 degrees clockwise
Image Naming: Arbitrary, Generally Named with Keyword Information
Recognition function
OMR can be formatted according to user’s needs to read OMR information cards in special density format
OMR Information Standard for Paint Point Recognition is fully compatible with previous traditional OMR
16-level gray level recognition to ensure the accuracy of OMR point recognition under multiple selection conditions
The recognition rate of OMR is 100%.
When scanning black and white cards or not filtering the background color, the bit error rate is far less than one in 100,000.
BAR supports 128 and 39 codes
Horizontal and vertical placement
Up to 64 barcodes per page
Bar code recognition rate is 100%.
OCR 0-9 Offline Recognition Processing Handwritten Numbers Recognition Rate is in the Advanced Level in China
Velocity characteristics
133D PI gray scale scanning 5.5 A4/seconds and 19800 A4/hour (transverse feeding)
4.1 sheets of A4/sec, 14760 sheets of A4/h (vertical feeding)
3.0 A3/s and 10800 A3/h
200 DPI gray scale scanning 3.4 A4/seconds, 12 240 A4/hour (transverse feeding)
2.6 A4/seconds, 9360 A4/hour (vertical feeding)
1.9 A3/s, 6840 A3/h
133D PI true color scanning 3.6 A4/s, 12960 A4/h (transverse paper feeding)
2.7 A4/seconds, 9720 A4/hour (vertical feeding)
2.0 A3/s, 7 200 A3/h
200 DPI true color scanning 2.4 A4/seconds, 8640 A4/hour (transverse paper feeding)
1.8 A4/seconds, 6480 A4/hour (vertical feeding)
1.2 A3/s, 4320 A3/h
System characteristics
Operating System Embedded Windows XP
Master PC System Motherboard All Solid-state ATX Motherboard
Main PC CPU Intel Core 2 Quad-core Q8300 2.5GHZ
Main PC Memory DDRII 4G
Main PC System Electronic Disk 1
VGA Display Interface 1
USB2.0 Interface 4
PS2 keyboard interface 1
USB Mouse Interface 4
SATA Hard Disk Interface 1, Provides Locked Hard Disk Box
Adaptive Network Port
LCD Display Screen 1
Power button 1
System switch 1
Start Scan Button 1
Stop Scanning Button 1
Printing Components
Shape size 750mm *590mm *550mm (length *width *height)
Weight ~90Kg
Working Temperature 10 ~40
Working humidity 10%-80%
Working voltage 190~264V 50Hz
Power <750W
Application mode
With its own system, distributed network application can be realized by networking with database server and picture server through network interface.
software kit
Supporting software package: equipment debugging and diagnosis program, format editing software, ISR8050 special scanning control software, other auxiliary programs, SDK development kit, etc.

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