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Jiangsu Provincial Education Examination Institute

I. Users and Project Information
Jiangsu Provincial Education Examination Institute is a subordinate unit of Jiangsu Provincial Education Department, which is responsible for managing and organizing the implementation of the enrollment examination work in Jiangsu Province. Jiangsu Provincial Education Examination Institute has cooperated with Wuyuexin Company since 2000. The OMR cursor reader of Wuyuexin Company was first used to evaluate the objective questions in Jiangsu College Entrance Examination. In 2004, the examination institute began to introduce online marking technology. In 2006, the ISR8001 high-speed image scanning reader and online marking software system of Wuyuexin Company were used in Jiangsu Chengkao, and achieved a successful result.
In April 2007, as an important part of the 2008 Jiangsu College Entrance Examination, online marking of the Jiangsu Academic Level Test ended in Nanjing. The online marking technology service used 12 ISR8001 intelligent high-speed image scanning reader independently developed by Wuyuexin Company, which completed the scanning of all the papers in 5 days. The online marking software used the Jiangsu version of the online marking software developed by Wuyuexin Company specially for the needs of Jiangsu academic level test, and nearly 1000 marking teachers used 7. The online scoring of all subjective test papers was completed in one day. A total of 2.1 million papers on physics, chemistry, biology, politics, history and geography were handled by 500,000 candidates. After the examination paper scanning, the quality inspection of the subjective question scoring stage and the public scoring after the result announcement, no mistakes were found, which was highly praised by the leaders of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education and the examination institute.
II. Technical Summary of Project Implementation
Scanning of all papers is carried out in Jiangsu Provincial Examination Institute, and the storage of scanning data is also concentrated in Provincial Examination Institute. Online marking of papers is carried out in Nanjing Normal University. The special optical fiber is used to transmit data between the provincial examination institute and Nanjing Normal University, which can completely realize the centralized management of scanning and network evaluation data without migrating the scanned data.
In the process of scanning, we use the data extraction mode of examination room, that is, extracting all the information of examinees in the current examination room through the information of examination number of the first information card, making real-time judgment on the identification data and image data of each examinee in the current examination room during the scanning process, and automatically saving the data after the examination room has been scanned by the examinee information card.
The implementation of online evaluation adopts the 2+1 sub-question error control marking mode, that is, each question is scored by two general markers who do not know each other’s results, and two independent score results are obtained. The background marking system compares the two results mentioned above. If the two results are within the error, the average of the two results is taken as the average value of the two results. On the contrary, if the results of the two papers exceed the error, the paper will be reviewed again by the reviewer with the authority of the group leader, and the result will be regarded as the final result.

III. System Structure

4. Software and hardware environment for project implementation/development
Scanning database server: Model: DELL PowerEdge 66001
Scanning Image Storage Device: Nas 270
Network Bandwidth: Gigabit
Scanning Server Operating System: Windows 2000 Server
Web Comment Database Server: Model: DELL PowerEdge 66003
Web Application Server for Web Review: Model: DELL PowerEdge 28003
Network Evaluation Image Storage Devices: Nas 250 3
Web Review Database: Oracle 9I
V. Effectiveness Evaluation
Jiangsu Educational Examination Institute has used online marking in the general college entrance examination and adult college entrance examination for many years since it started the project of “online marking”. It has a deep understanding of all aspects of online marking, and has a relatively high requirement for scanning equipment and marking software. In October 2006, after inspecting the scanning equipment and online evaluation software of Wuyuexin Company, the examination institute voluntarily abandoned its partners for many years and chose Wuyuexin Company to provide online marking service for them. It successfully implemented online marking of more than 200,000 examinees and more than 600,000 examinees in the Adult College Enrollment Examination of Jiangsu Province in 2006.
As an important part of the 2008 College Entrance Examination, the cooperation of 07 Jiangsu Academic Level Test Online Marking Project is another large-scale online marking project after the completion of the 2006 Jiangsu College Entrance Examination. In the process of project implementation, ISR8001 has many advantages, such as fast scanning speed, good image quality, accurate cutting and positioning, accurate identification of paint points, easy maintenance, and so on. The features of network evaluation software, such as comprehensive functions, excellent performance and unique scoring mode, facilitate the organization and management of online scoring, and greatly improve the efficiency of scoring papers. The examination institute fully affirmed the technical advantages of Wuyuexin’s products. After the online evaluation, the Jiangsu Provincial Examination Institute and the examination paper-marking institutes gave high praise to Wuyuexin’s products and on-site services.

Strategic Cooperation