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Ministry of Education Degree and Graduate Education Development Center

I. Users and Project Information
The Examination Office of the Center for Degree and Graduate Education Development of the Ministry of Education (hereinafter referred to as the Degree Office) is responsible for the national unified examination of the foreign language level and comprehensive level of the master’s degree applied for by graduate students with the same academic qualifications, as well as the proposition and examination of the national joint examination of the professional master’s degree for the on-the-job personnel. Since 2005, it has cooperated with Wuyuexin Company. In 2005, it was the first time that online marking technology was introduced into the same academic level examination, and the online marking technology was implemented in the same academic level foreign language subject examination. Every year, there are more than 70,000 candidates in the equivalent academic ability examination of the Ministry of Education. The total number of answering cards for foreign language subjects needs to be scanned is more than 70,000. Wuyuexin Company uses three ISR8001 high-speed scanners to scan all the papers in only one day, and the parallel online marking work is quite smooth. In the case of low server configuration, the online marking system of Wuyuexin Company has high efficiency, fast and fluent response speed, which has won the unanimous praise of the teachers on-site marking papers.
II. Technical Summary of Project Implementation
Scanning process: First, build the scanning environment and test the network situation. Then the scanning format file is designed and the scanning scheme is formulated referring to the scanning situation in previous years. Because there is no objective part of the answer card on the internet, it is all subjective, so there is no need for secondary recognition, only to collect information and image storage of candidates. A small part of the cards are blue cards. After scanning with red light, the missing information is checked manually. Next, the scanned data and images are submitted to the user.
Online evaluation adopts 2 + 1 mode. First of all, the general marker will make a second evaluation. When marking the second evaluation, the score will be shielded, and it is guaranteed that the first evaluation and the second evaluation are not scored by the same marker. If the difference between the two scoring results exceeds the error value of the question, there will be three reviews. If the error is not exceeded, the average score of the first and second evaluation will be taken as the final score of the examinee. All three-grade papers will be distributed to each group leader. The third evaluation is the final result. If a random examination of the test paper finds that there are still doubtful marks, the final arbitration will be made by the subject team leader, and the scores will be revised.

III. System Structure

4. Software and hardware environment for project implementation/development
Database Server: IBM Server
Application/WEB Server: IMB Server
Storage device: IMB server
Network bandwidth: 1G
Server Operating System: Windows 2003
Database: SQL Server and Oracle
Scanning equipment: ISR8001
Client (Scanning Machine): Three ordinary PCs
V. Effectiveness Evaluation
For three consecutive years, the Examination Office of the Degree and Graduate Education Development Center of the Ministry of Education has used the hardware and software products of Wuyuexin Company in the online marking of the equivalent academic examinations. The ISR8001 high-speed image scanner reader enjoys the advantages of fast scanning speed, good image quality, accurate cutting and positioning, and accurate identification of painting points. Through extensive application and ultra-intense actual combat test, the degree office fully affirmed the stable product performance and fast and smooth system response speed of Wuyuexin Company, and highly appreciated the service attitude and quality of field engineers.

Strategic Cooperation