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OMR500B Cursor Reader

Detailed description
The company’s latest OMR-500B cursor reader is the first domestic serial port manual motor, small size, low price, superior performance.
Serial communication
The reader has its own CPU and communicates with the computer by serial communication, so that OMR can connect with the computer by using the standard serial interface provided by the computer, without opening the computer case and inserting the special interface card of the reader into the expansion slot for parallel communication. This method does not require the grade, hardware and software environment of the computer, and is easy to install, maintain and move. It is also easy to connect with notebook computer or UNIX/XENIX terminal. It can also realize the way that one computer works with several OMRs at the same time.
Barcode reading
Can read bar code information of information card in all directions.
Independent work
The reader uses independent power supply, and can transmit the processed data to the computer through the communication port, without occupying the computer resources at all.
Modular design
Standardized and modular design is adopted in all parts of the machine, which improves the versatility and interchangeability among the parts.
Sensing Technology
The use of a large number of sensors makes the OMR work in a monitorable state, and can feedback information quickly and accurately, which improves the working efficiency and automation.
Synchronized Tooth Belt
The gear train is driven by synchronous gear belt, which makes the movement of information card more stable during reading and improves the service life of the transmission system.
High accuracy
The advanced fuzzy recognition algorithm is used to deal with the varying degrees of filling and the unclean eraser.
Paper requirements are loose.
By means of self-calibration, the error discrimination caused by paper cutting deviation and paper moving deviation can be solved, which greatly improves the accuracy.
System support
DOS, WINDOWS95, WINDOW98, WINDOWS NT operation platform.
Reading software supports FOXPRO database and client/server database software such as SQL SERVER, SYBASE, ORACLE, etc.
Application software
Universal Data Entry System (stand-alone version, network version), Educational Administration Expert System, Reading and Analysis Software for College Foreign Language Examination, Universal Teaching Assessment System.
Supporting services
Wuyuexin has many experienced software and hardware network engineers. We can provide you with a complete network solution based on WINDOWS NT, NETWARE and INTERNET/INTRANET. Welcome to inquire and purchase. At the same time, it also provides users with matching information card design and high quality printing services, price concessions.
After-sale service
After the product is sold, it is guaranteed free of charge for one year and maintained for life. Follow-up applications are upgraded free of charge.

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