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Online Marking System Software (College Entrance Examination Edition)

In recent years, China’s basic education system has been constantly improved, and the scale of the general college entrance examination, adult college entrance examination, self-taught examination and other large-scale entrance examinations is expanding. Faced with the increasing number of candidates and the increasing scale of the enrollment examination, the examination center of the Ministry of Education has been steadily carrying out the reform in the field of examination, and has always been in the forefront of the international community.
Beijing Wuyuexin Information Technology Co., Ltd. has been devoting itself to the research and development of online marking software and hardware products in the field of enrollment examination for a long time. It has successfully implemented various online marking system projects of more than ten provincial and municipal enrollment and examination institutions in China. It is fully capable of undertaking online marking projects of college entrance examination. It sincerely hopes to cooperate with educational enrollment and examination institutions in various provinces and municipalities. Hand in hand to smoothly complete the college entrance examination online marking work.
Online marking is based on modern computer technology, high-speed scanning, OCR/OMR technology, computer image processing, compression and encryption technology, network communication technology, to realize the identification and evaluation of objective questions, automatic circulation of subjective questions, error control, quality management and other work to complete the marking task.

The main links of the whole implementation process are as follows:
1. Answer Card Design and Printing
By separating test papers and answering cards, each answering card should adopt a unified standard requirement for answering questions and the expression of answering area. The area of answering questions is not allowed to be alert, and the position and space of answering questions are reasonably arranged according to the requirements of the questions.
Answer card printing paper requires more than 120 grams, which prevents the infiltration of positive and negative writing information and affects the accurate identification of OMR/OCR, and is conducive to high-speed scanning.
2. Bar Code Making
The bar code is 128 code, which meets the requirements of GB-T14258-2003. Bar code paste bar printing includes bar code, examination subject, examination number (or encrypted examination number), examinee name and other content, can be attached to the examination point or examination room number and other information.
3. examination
The invigilator is required to distribute the answer sheet and barcode according to the information of the candidates on the check sheet. The invigilator supervises the candidates to answer in the area designated for each question. The candidates can not answer in the area beyond the area.
4. Recycling Answer Cards
At the end of the exam, the answer cards should be packed and sealed and recycled. In this process, we must pay attention not to fold and spoil the answer cards.
5. Answer Card Scanning
The intelligent high-speed image reader is used to scan and input the answer sheet automatically in batches. The scanning system processes the bar code information and smear point information on the answer sheet in real time and automatically cuts and saves the subjective question images. The distortion and tilt of the answer sheet and the abnormal image phenomenon caused by the contamination of the scanning head are judged and prompted automatically during the scanning process. Finally, a clear, accurate and complete answer sheet is obtained. The image file is processed by the marking system call.
6. Automatic scoring of objective questions
Scanning objectively part of the identification results are obtained in real time. According to the standard answers, automatic scoring is carried out to generate objective score files and output them to the designated data table in the database server.
7. Online Scoring of Subjective Questions
According to the structure of each subject and the requirements of marking papers and the scanning and segmentation images of each subject, the marking system is used for marking papers online. The system can be set up as a single question to be graded as final evaluation (such as filling in the blanks), or as multiple people (such as two or three people to be graded at the same time). According to the allowable error value of each question (pre-set before grading) and the error control mode of grading, the final score of the question can be obtained. If the results of each question exceed the allowable error range, the system automatically submits to the next level. Final comment. In addition, the system will also deal with abnormal answer cards such as image blurring, hyper-area answering, content ambiguity and answering Carles in the process of marking papers. The marking system will monitor the overall progress of marking papers, the overall quality of marking papers, and even the progress and quality of specific markers throughout the process.
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