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Online Marking System Software (University Edition)

I. WUYUEXIN Online Scoring Solution with School Characteristics
At present, every university often carries out the groping examination which is similar to the online marking mode of the college entrance examination and the high school entrance examination. This can effectively reduce the loss of marks caused by the inadaptability of the examination and enhance the ability of the students to take the examination. Teachers often do online marking. They can also find out the problems that students are prone to appear in this examination mode and correct them in time. Finally, they can improve the students’ability to take the examination in college entrance examination and high school entrance examination, and play their own level steadily.
Beijing Wuyuexin Information Technology Co., Ltd. has been devoted to the research and development of online marking software and hardware products in the field of admission examination for a long time. The company’s business leader has been engaged in the research and development of computer marking machine (OMR) since 1989 at Tsinghua University. The products have a very high market share in the field of admission examination in the country. Since 2003, the company has been serving online marking projects on a large scale. With strong technical strength, leading self-scanning products, stable and safe online marking system software, scientific and perfect site management norms, and rigorous and responsible technical service attitude, the company has gradually won the trust of users. Up to now, Wuyuexin Company has achieved great success and accumulated rich experience in online marking of many national, provincial, prefectural and municipal general college entrance examinations, adult college entrance examinations, self-taught entrance examinations, middle school entrance examinations, PETS examinations, computer grade examinations and civil service examinations. On this basis, according to the characteristics of universities, Wuyuexin Company specially developed the University version of online marking system, hoping to cooperate with universities to complete the online marking work well.
In order to meet the needs of online marking in universities, the hardware of online marking system developed by Wuyuexin Company is compatible with both high-speed scanners on the market and self-produced high-speed scanners. At the same time, Wuyuexin Company in the development of online marking system, referring to the process of college entrance examination, and well inherited, so that the school is a complete version of the online marking system for college entrance examination, students can experience online marking in advance. The online marking and analysis system of Wuyuexin University can satisfy the online marking requirement of all grade examinations, and the objective marking can be automatically recognized and analyzed after scanning. The online marking system of Wuyuexin Company not only has the functions of perfect error control, marking process and process monitoring, user rights management, but also designs and develops the system function of statistics and evaluation of examination results in accordance with the requirements of teaching measurement.
After putting the online marking system of Wuyuexin University Edition into use, it can effectively improve the quality and efficiency of examination marking, reduce the cost of examination, improve the ability of students to adapt to the online marking mode of college entrance examination and high school entrance examination, and also have a significant effect on enhancing the competitiveness of the school.
2. Workflow of online marking

Scanning workflow chart:

On-line marking structure chart:

Online marking interface:

Introduction to the Software of Online Marking System
Description of the characteristics of the online marking system:
The media supports the scanning of common paper and standard information card. At the same time, there is a template design function in the software system. On this basis, customers can easily define the answer area.
It has perfect user and authority management functions for system administrators, test paper team leaders and ordinary test paper teachers. All kinds of markers can only read the papers within the scope of authorization, and any information beyond the scope of authority is shielded by the system (to ensure the objectivity and fairness of marking).
Support the setting of error control function according to the actual needs of the school. It can set up double or multiple evaluation function for all or part of the subjects in the exam, or for all or part of the subjects in a certain subject. It can also set up corresponding error control measures according to the actual needs.
Supports the annotation function of subjective marking. The image documents scanned by subjective questions and the marking notes of teachers can be combined to generate relevant electronic documents for teachers, students and parents to consult, save and manage.
Support the real-time monitoring of the overall progress of marking papers, the progress of each topic, personal progress and marking errors. Supporting the quality management of teachers’assessment papers, including the average score of individual assessment and the scoring curve.
Statistical analysis notes:
Statistical analysis of score distribution: The total scores of any group of students can be compared and analyzed. The analysis indicators include personal performance, ranking, trend of previous scores, and distribution of scores.
Statistical analysis of item scores: The highest, lowest, average scores, standard deviation, difficulty, discrimination and score distribution of any item or group composed of any item are analyzed, so as to achieve a better result of item analysis.
Support report form: can have a detailed report on the students’subjective and objective answers to the exam, through the comparison of scores, point out the students’ weaknesses and strengths. It is convenient for students to review with emphasis according to the situation of previous examinations.
Detailed description, the middle can be interspersed with patterns:
Can form all subjects of class performance report, grade performance report.
Can form all or part of the candidates’transcripts (subjective and objective points).
The average score, the highest score, the lowest score and the passing rate of a certain subject can be counted. The number and proportion of candidates in each score step can be obtained by flexibly setting the statistical score.
Can complete the analysis of test scores (standard deviation, variance, etc.).
It can count the discrimination, reliability, scoring rate and loss rate of each item.
The statistics of the highest score, the lowest score and the average score of each question, and the corresponding score proportion and number are analyzed.

IV. Hardware Introduction of Online Marking System
As a traditional OMR device, the high-speed scanner has been available for 30 years. With the passage of time, its technology and performance have gradually revealed that it is not suitable for the needs of colleges and universities. Faced with the market demand, Wuyuexin company has developed and produced ISR2000 intelligent image scanner independently. It can not only inherit all the functions of OMR completely, but also has more stable performance and more powerful new functions. It solves the shortcomings of traditional OMR equipment, such as inability to collect multi-character information. At the same time, it can clearly preserve the original image and reduce the paper printing of scanning and reading. Brush and cutting requirements, ISR equipment to replace traditional OMR equipment has become the trend of the times

ISR2000 Intelligent Image Scanning Reader uses high-speed parallel image scanning and real-time processing technology. It integrates image scanning, optical tag recognition, bar code recognition, image segmentation and merging functions to achieve high-speed data acquisition and processing. Its excellent performance can meet the application requirements of different users. It is efficient and high-quality scanning image. It is suitable for data input and processing of various scales. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight and simple operation. It has a wide application and development space not only in the field of education, but also in many government departments such as statistics, banking, industry and commerce, taxation and so on. At present, the country is vigorously promoting e-government. ISR2000 intelligent image scanner reader can scan and identify a large number of paper documents that government departments face every day, and then carry out electronic work to solve an important problem in the development of e-government.

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