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Universal Reading Cursor Reader System v8.0

Systematic introduction
The general cursor reader system is the basic software for the application of the reader. It includes the application modules of the cursor reader, such as maintenance and diagnosis software, format editing, logic description language, marking file making, etc.
Format Editor
The function of the format editor is to determine which information needs to be collected and output on the information card to be read, and the attributes of these information (such as whether a certain information point is selected or multi-selected, whether 8421 code is used for output or direct output of the original fill-in characters, etc.) and the order of the information points to be output, and to save the above results in the form of a file, which we call format. Documents, format files are one of the basic documents for readers to read information cards.
The free format editor based on Windows 9X, Windows 2000 and Windows XP developed by Wuyuexin Company displays the information card to be read intuitively on the computer screen in a graphical way. Users can define the information group by clicking on the mouse. It is convenient to move, copy, delete, change attributes and output characters of the information group. It is very intuitive and convenient. At the same time, the editor can automatically determine the number of rows and the location of detection points of the information card by OMR reading mode, without the need for users to determine the number of rows and columns of the information card by manual method.
Logic Description Language
Logic Description Language (LDL) is a special language developed by Wuyuexin Company to describe the logical relationship between information points on the information card. It is the core function of the general reading system of Wuyuexin Company to determine the input content and output mode and result by logical setting. Each logical description language has its own grammatical structure and function, which is somewhat similar to the computer high-level language. Through the effective combination of the logical description language, the logical relationship between the information points on the reading information card can be judged completely and the output of the reading results can be achieved.
The logic description language used in the universal cursor reader system consists of 34 sentences, which can realize the definition of reading title, format file required for reading, data type of output and horizontal association information of two databases, definition of output result file, description of keyword information, definition of upper and lower limits of characters and strings, definition of integer range, and between characters. The functions of judgment equal to or not equal to, translation of Chinese character location codes, automatic calculation of scores when reading objective questions, display and definition of reading results, etc. At the same time, it is the first time to quote the concept of variable in this language. It can quote the value of variable like other advanced computer programming languages. It can realize the reading judgment of any kind of information card and directly generate the result base. It is in the leading level in China and even in the world.
Scoring module
The function of the scoring module is to load the scoring database in the scoring system. When marking papers with general reading system, you can mark the papers as you read them, or you can read out the information of the answer papers and then grade them.
Stand-alone Version and Network Version
The general cursor reader system of Wuyuexin Company is divided into stand-alone version and network version. The final reading output of stand-alone version is. DBF and text format, and the final reading result data of network version is SQL server data table. In most cases, single-machine version is used for input and marking. Large-scale marking often uses network version and works in the way of network version. Each reading workstation directly writes the reading results into the corresponding SQL server data table in the server. The workstation itself does not store any reading data. Through the server, the reading results can be managed in real time, and the reading workstations can be queried. It is convenient and effective. This method is suitable for large-scale data acquisition work, such as large-scale college entrance examination, entrance examination and self-study examination marking.
The cursor reader tool software is also used in the general reading system. It has the functions of checking the working status of the cursor reader, setting the operating parameters of the cursor reader, testing the performance of the cursor reader and upgrading the underlying program of the cursor reader. It is a common software in the use of the cursor reader.

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