Wu Yuexin Hands in Hand with the Joint Examination of Teaching Quality Monitoring in Southern Guizhou

At the beginning of the new year of 2014, the joint examination project of teaching quality monitoring in Guizhou Qiannan Prefecture Middle School came to us with a quick report. Wu Yuexin, together with 32 middle schools in Qiannan Prefecture, successfully completed the scanning, marking and statistical evaluation of 80,000 examinees in three grades of high school and more than 500,000 answer cards.
In this joint examination, there are nearly 20 scanning points, and nearly 2,000 marking teachers are marking papers through the Internet (marking teachers log on the marking server at school remotely), so the upload speed, scanning speed, accuracy and security of the system have high standards. According to the actual needs of this large-scale joint examination, Wuyuexin Company provides intelligent high-speed image scanning reader such as ISR2050A, ISR6050A and software system of Xine evaluation V3.0 to ensure the safety and convenience of the examination, at the same time, to ensure the consistency of the scoring standards of the candidates in the joint examination, and to realize the fairness and fairness of the examination. The stability, efficiency and reliability of Wuyuexin’s hardware and software products have been fully affirmed and highly evaluated by Qiannan Education Bureau and schools.
Source: Marketing Department Time: 2014-2-26