“Xine Comment”: Educational Information Guard stationed in the Northwest Frontier

Wuyuexin’s “Xine Evaluation” online marking system has been stationed in Xinjiang for many years, and has been favored by colleges and universities for its exquisite technology and high-quality service to escort the frontier education examination. Among them, the main clients are: Xinjiang Urumqi Railway No. 3 Middle School, Urumqi Senior Middle School, Urumqi No. 8 Middle School, Kuche No. 2 Middle School, Baicheng Wenzhou Experimental Middle School, No. 3 Middle School of Korla City, No. 1 Middle School of Tacheng Area, No. 1 Middle School of Shawan County, No. 1 Middle School of Urumqi City, No. 8 Middle School of Yining City.
Urumqi TieSan Middle School is one of the first key autonomous district-level middle schools identified in 1978. It is a key middle school of the Ministry of Railways. Former Tianshui Rotary Middle School of the Ministry of Communications was established in 1944. In 1959, the railway was repaired to Xinjiang. The school was ordered to move to Urumqi and set up Urumqi Railway Middle School. In 1966, Urumqi Railway was divided into Urumqi No. 3 Middle School and Urumqi No. 1 Middle School. At that time, two English classes in each grade of all high schools and junior middle schools were moved to the present school site and the No. 3 Middle School of Urumqi Railway Bureau was established. On July 1, 2004, Urumqi No. 3 Middle School was officially handed over to the municipal government and named No. 70 Middle School in Urumqi. In 2005, it was named the first batch of moral education demonstration schools at the autonomous region level. In 2007, it was named as a demonstration ordinary senior high school at the autonomous region level. The school has maintained the title of “civilized unit at the autonomous region level” for eight consecutive years. It has been awarded the advanced unit of National Sports Exercise Standard, the advanced collective of national railway sports and the advanced unit of national mass sports. In 2009, he was awarded the title of National Traditional Sports Event Unit.

Urumqi No. 8 Middle School is a national famous school with glorious revolutionary tradition and profound cultural heritage. The school covers an area of 36322.08 square meters, with elegant environment and perfect facilities; there are 242 teachers and staff, 57 classes and 3580 students in the school; it is famous for its school style of “harmonious innovation”, “inclusive equality” and “learning, learning, learning, thinking and discussing”. It has become one of the key schools in the autonomous region because of its high level of education and teaching quality and the comprehensive and harmonious development of students. Front runner. Guided by the school motto of “Ming De, Hou Xue, Seeking Truth and Practicality”, the eighth middle school adheres to the school-running idea of “cultivating morality and people, building soul and roots, strengthening schools through culture and pursuing excellence”, demands benefits from management, quality from scientific research, vigorously strengthens the ideological and moral construction of minors, pushes forward eight characteristics of new moral education, comprehensively implements various measures of quality education, and satisfies the people run by the local people. Education, for the motherland and the frontier to cultivate outstanding personnel, to create a hundred years of famous schools.

Source: Marketing Department Time: 2014-9-3