“Xine Comment”: The Best Choice for Shanxi Schools and Education Bureau to Mark Scores on the Internet

In 2014, Shanxi middle school and college entrance examination all adopt the form of online marking, which marks that Shanxi examination informatization has entered the stage of comprehensive application. Shanxi Online Scoring Service Center wins the market with professional services in line with the concept of “honesty is the foundation and service is the highest”.
“Xine Evaluation” online marking system has been widely used in many schools and educational bureaus in Shanxi Province: Shanxi Experimental Middle School, Taiyuan Second Foreign Language School, Taiyuan Normal College Affiliated Middle School, Taiyuan Jinshan Middle School, Taiyuan Experimental Middle School, Taiyuan Second Experimental Middle School, Taiyuan Xingling Experimental School, Taiyuan Second Middle School, Jinci Town Central School, Shanxi Tongbao Yujie School. Datong Heng’an Middle School, Datong Hunyuan Middle School, Shuozhou Yingxian No.1 Middle School, Shuozhou Yingxian No.6 Middle School, Xinzhou Yuanping Education Bureau, Yuanping Shida Middle School, Daixian No.1 Middle School, Daixian No.2 Middle School, Fanshi Education Bureau, Wuzhai Education Bureau, Xinzhou No.2 Middle School, Linfen No.1 Middle School, Yongzhong Middle School, Jinzhong Intermediate Xiusi Middle School, Jincheng Bagong Junior Middle School, Luliang Wenshui Middle School, Liulin Liansheng Middle School Learning and so on.
Source: Market Department Time: 2014-8-29