Xine Evaluation Helps the Educational Examination of “Yimeng Revolutionary Old Area” to a New Stage

Linyi City, located in the hinterland of Yimeng Mountains, is a well-known old revolutionary area and the political and cultural center of the area. During the War of Resistance Against Japan and the War of Liberation, it was one of the famous revolutionary base areas, known as the Holy Land of World War II and Red Yimeng.
Linyi has a large population of more than 10 million, ranking first in the population of prefectures and cities in Shandong Province (the top five in the population of prefecture-level cities in China). As an old revolutionary traditional area, Linyi City has always attached great importance to basic education, and often organized some regional joint examinations and simulated examinations. Faced with the characteristics and difficulties of many students (50,000-60,000 in senior middle school, more than 100,000 in junior middle school), large volume of papers, complicated organization and high cost of marking work, the Municipal Bureau of Education has inspected the systems of several marking units successively and after many trials, carefully compared and selected them, and finally selected the “Xine Evaluation” of Beijing Wuyuexin from the point of view of approaching actual needs and solving practical problems. Online marking system.
“Xine evaluation” has been successfully applied and implemented in the city’s diagnostic simulation examination for senior three and final examination for senior one and senior two held in the first half of 2014. It has been successfully completed in accordance with the established schedule and plan under the planning and organization of the responsible personnel of the Municipal Education Bureau and with the cooperation of the relevant staff. It has played a systematic, efficient, error-free and stable advantage and successfully helped Yiyi. Educational examination marking in Menglao District has taken a new step.
Source: Market Department Time: 2014-8-26