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Yunnan Enrollment Examination Institute

I. Users and Project Information
The Office of Yunnan Enrollment and Examination Committee is responsible for the management and organization of the enrollment and examination work in Yunnan Province. Since 1999, we have cooperated with Wuyuexin Company. In 2001, we first introduced online marking technology into English subjects of the general college entrance examination. In 2003, we implemented online marking in all subjects of the college entrance examination. Based on the use confidence of Wuyuexin’s products and the good results achieved, since 2004, the recruitment office has extended Wuyuexin’s products to the adult college entrance examination. Since 2005, it has fully used the online marking software system and the scanning equipment ISR8001 high-speed image scanning reader of Wuyuexin’s company in its general college entrance examination and adult college entrance examination projects. At present, the unit has purchased Wuyuexin’s products. Yuexin ISR8001 High Speed Image Scanning Reader has 7 sets.
In the college entrance examination just completed in 2007, Yunnan Province has a total of 240,000 candidates, and the total number of papers to be scanned is more than 840,000 A3 double-sided answer cards. Wuyuexin Company has used seven ISR8001 high-speed scanner readers. After four days’continuous work, it has successfully completed the scanning of all the papers. The parallel online marking work is also quite smooth. Under the condition of low server configuration, Wuyuexin Company’s online marking software system has withstood the test of super-intensity pressure, high efficiency, fast and fluent response. Speed, won the unanimous praise of teachers on-site marking.
II. Technical Summary of Project Implementation
The implementation of Yunnan Entrance Examination Office project is characterized by scanning and network scoring, scanning data set is managed in the Entrance Examination Office, and then the scanning data is transmitted to the marking points in batches through mobile storage media.
When scanning, the first step is to understand the attributes of dot selection and the cutting requirements of subjective questions of the information card to be scanned, design the format file of the information card and the logical matching file, and pass the test. Then configure the same format and logical matching file on all scan control machines, scan in large quantities, and check data quality at any time. In the process of scanning, we use the data extraction mode of examination room, that is, extracting all the information of examinees in the current examination room through the information of examination number of the first information card, making real-time judgment on the identification data and image data of each examinee in the current examination room during the scanning process, and automatically saving the data after the examination room has been scanned by the examinee information card.
Yunnan Province adopts a unique 1+1+1 model, that is, ordinary markers make a comment. Teachers with authority review the results of the assessment when they can see the results. If the result of the assessment exceeds the error, teachers with the authority of the group leader will review the question again. The final result of this question is the result of the examination paper.

III. System Structure

4. Software and hardware environment for project implementation/development
Database Server: Hp5330
Application/WEB Server: HP5310
Storage device: HP5330
Network bandwidth: 1000MB backbone and 100MB Desktop Switching
Server Operating System: Windows 2000 Server
Database: Sql server is used for scanning and Oracle 9I is used for network evaluation.
Scanning equipment: ISR8001
Client (Scanning Controller): CPU P3, memory 256MB, operating system Windows 2000 professional and Xp
V. Effectiveness Evaluation
At the initial stage of the online marking project launched by the office of Yunnan Enrollment and Examination Commission, other companies’hardware products were used. As the requirements for image quality and scanning mode are increasing, the original hardware products can not meet their needs. After investigating the market and comparing carefully, Yunnan Entrance Examination Office has carefully selected the ISR8001 high-speed image scanning reader and online marking software system of Wuyuexin Company.
ISR8001 has many advantages, such as fast scanning speed, good image quality, accurate cutting location, accurate identification of paint points, and so on. The humanized design, simple operation, perfect statistical functions and excellent stability of the online marking software system make the recruitment more trustworthy. Therefore, for three consecutive years, Wuyuexin’s high-speed scanning equipment and online marking software products have been widely used in college entrance examination, adult entrance examination and other examinations.
Through extensive application and ultra-intense actual combat test, the recruitment office fully affirmed the stable product performance and fast and smooth system response speed of Wuyuexin Company, and highly appreciated the service attitude and quality of the on-site engineers. At the same time, for the better development of Wuyuexin Company’s products, the recruitment office also proposed Wuyuexin Company’s products. Some suggestions for improvement are of great reference value.

Strategic Cooperation